Friday, June 27, 2008

Folded Ribbon

Someone asked me to write a tutorial on how I did my folded ribbon. I actually can't take create for the uniqueness of the ribbon itself. Melissa of Sensational Style had a folded ribbon in a kit she did. I opened that ribbon and studied it and came up with this idea. On with the show!

1. Open a new transparent image 750 x 300 pixels. Normally, I don't make a ribbon that wide but for this folded type, I made it about an inch wide. Finish it in your favorite way. Copy and save the new image as a ribbon to your hard drive. Keeping the original open, take the rectangle selection tool and make a selection about 1/3 of the ribbon. This is YOUR folded ribbon so do it the way you want it to look!

2. Go to Edit, Cut, Paste as a New Layer.


3. Go to your new layer, grab the Deform or Pick Tool (depending on your version of PSP). Rotate it so that right side angles down a bit. (see screen shot below)


4. When happy with the placement and angle, sharpen it a bit. Using the deform (or pick) tool blurs your selection a bit. Go to Adjust, Sharpness, Unsharp Mask. See my screen shot below for what I use.


5. Continue making rectangle selections of your ribbon. Do NOT simply duplicate the layer since you want it to look like a real ribbon. Some of the selections will be longer than the others as well. To get the angled, layered look, you'll need to cut off part of the ribbon on top. Making sure you on the layer you need to cut, lower the opacity of that layer a bit so you can see under it. Take the Freehand Selection tool, set at Point to Point. Carefully go around the ribbon using the edge of the ribbon layer under it for a guide. Cut that piece off by hitting the delete key a couple of times.


6. Use my folded ribbon as a guide, if you want. Once the ribbon pieces are where you want them, take the lighten/darken tool, set as below, and use it in the places the layer above crosses the layer below. However, make SURE you are on the layer under it since you have more control of where the darkness (or lightness) goes. I used the lighten tool on the edge that is "folded" and the darken tool so it appears there is a slight shadow. This makes it appear more folded, I think. Play around with the settings for the lighten/darken tool. I found that the lighten opacity and density is better with lower numbers than when using the darken tool.


6. When you have completed the above, merge the layers visible and save your folded ribbon. Below is a screen shot of my final product.