Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I decided to make this a bit more than a tutorial blog since it has been months since I posted one (April). There are other things I am interested in and that I do that I'd like to post about now and then. Please see on the right the little picture for Paperback Swap. It is a GREAT place to swap books and there is no fee to belong. Basically, you put at least 10 books on your "bookshelf" and then you get two credits. The credits enable you to pick books from other members' bookshelves. You pick a book and the team notifies that member and even lets you know when the book has been mailed. When someone chooses one of your books, you get that book ready to mail (they even provide a mailer of sorts...more about that in a sec). Paperback Swap has an arrangement with a company whereby you can even buy the postage for the book! You do have to put some money on account for the postage, of course, and you can pay by credit card or PayPal. I have been a member since 2007 and it is just a great way to get books, save money and meet new friends.

The other thing that I recently started there was taking part in the forums. There is a ton of information on the service works but also posts about all sorts of things. People are really nice there too. I don't know about you but some of the forums I belong to? The members are really nasty, crude and use ugly language so I rarely, if ever, post anything there. Of course, that is NOT true of the scrap designer forums! If you love to read like I do, you'll love Paperback Swap.

I have read 58 books so far this year and right now I am reading Creme de Cocoa by JoAnna Carl. It is actually three of her books in one. It is a cozy mystery series and the book contains the first three in the series. It is advertised as a "chocoholic mystery" because the protagonist, Lee, works for her aunt who owns and operates a gourmet chocolate candy store. The description of the different candies makes my mouth water! But besides that, they are good books to read....I like Lee, so far, except for her annoying habit of getting her words twisted around. Ms. Carl could cut back on that a bit. :)

Be sure and check my TEA Party blog and see my photos from our local event. That's all for now!