Sunday, November 1, 2009

For the very first time, I had to use "System Restore" on my computer and, behold, it worked! I was doing some "file management" (actually just looking around to see what I could delete safely) and, by accident, moved some crucial Windows file. I immediately got an error message with an offer to "fix" it. I just kept getting the "retry" button so I had a feeling things were not good. I continued to read email, surf the internet, etc., then decided to open Paint Shop Pro 9. I got some weird error message and no program. I have had some problems lately with PSP9 so thought it had finally died on me. I then tried to open PSPX2 with no success. I got the same error message.

So, I thought I'd better run System Restore since I KNEW I had done something bad. It was so simple to use! I just clicked on System Restore under the System Accessories and a dialog box popped up asking me what date to go back to. Since all was well yesterday, I clicked on that day. After about 15 seconds, my computer rebooted and started back up. Absolutely no problems! I think this is the first time I have ever had something work so well in Windows! By the way, I use Windows XP Pro. I hate to think what headaches I would have had if I had just shut down first.

Thanks for reading! Oh, I am reading, by the way, True Blue by David Baldacci. Wow, what a great, suspenseful book it is. I am a big fan of his anyway but from the first page, it is riveting. I recommend it!