Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caution about - Although they have a great way to copy and paste the book series into an Excel-like spreadsheet, you really have to double-check the listings. I just discovered this problem tonight when updating my Tom Clancy books. I use Quattro Pro which is part of the WordPerfect Office Suite and very similar, I am told, to Excel. Anyway, when at FictionDB, and getting the list for the Jack Ryan books, there are two books in the list that are not Jack Ryan books. Sometimes there are books actually missing from their lists as well. I use Fantastic Fiction to check the information provided at FictionDB.
I am trying this spreadsheet idea that a member at Paperback Swap shared with me to keep track of the series and authors that I read. I still don't know how it will work when I go shopping for used books but we'll see. I would actually love to use a database but I haven't found one yet that specifically does what I want it to do. All the book databases I have found so far are for keeping track of the books one has in one's personal library. That isn't what I want so I will either have to figure out a way to modify the existing ones or keep looking!